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Academy\Advanced Videos\Getting Your Goods Through Customs

Academy\Advanced Videos\Import From China

Academy\Advanced Videos\Importing From China and Taking Advantage of Chinese Subsidies

Insurance and Protection of your Goods with Brendan Elias and Wayne Parry Why to Insure Goods from China?
  1. Cover loss or damage of assets.
  2. Losses do happen during transit.
  3. Prudent if premiums are affordable.
Different Types of Insurance How Insurance is Calculated?
  1. On what the product is.
  2. On how the goods are packaged.
  3. On where the goods are going.
  4. On the value of the goods.
Premium Estimate Payment Requirements Annual Coverage Consequences of not having Insurance How to get the best Value for the Dollar How to Avoid Mistakes Making a Claim Final Advice

Academy/Advanced Videos/Warehousing Secrets

Academy/Bonuses/Importing From China Q & A

Academy/Bonuses/Importing From China Q & A Part 2

Academy\Copywriting Secrets\Copywriting Essentials For Your Import Business With Jesse F Part 1
Academy\Copywriting Secrets\Copywriting Essentials For Your Import Business With Jesse F Part 2

Academy\Cultural Differences & Exporting to China\Importing & Exporting With Amy Kwong & Brendan Elias Part 1

Academy\Cultural Differences & Exporting to China\Importing & Exporting With Amy Kwong & Brendan Elias Part 2

Academy\Customs Agents, Brokers & Compliance\The Roll of Customs and Incoterms with Brendan Elias and Lance Scolar

Lance's Background Role of Customs Customs Broker Could you do it yourself instead of outsourcing? Case Study Horror Story

Academy\Customs Agents, Brokers & Compliance\Steve and Brendan Customs

Academy\Shipping & Freight Forwarding\Brendan and Tony Part 1

Academy\Shpping & Freight Forwarding\Brendan and Tony Part 2

Using a Sourcing Agent with Lindy Chen and Brendan Elias Advantages of using sourcing agent vs. doing it yourself. Do large companies (K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target) use sourcing agents? Is it an absolute necessity to speak Chinese to deal with Chinese factories? Regarding trading companies and factories, what are some techniques to determine if you’re dealing with a direct source or a trading company? What are the specific tasks and services of a sourcing agent that go from start to finish? Does process get easier when re-ordering from established suppliers? If you’re located in America, Australia or New Zealand, why is it important to actually have a physical presence on the ground in China? What are the consequences of making a mistake and making someone lose face? How do you balance the line between being firm and getting what you want, and not being rude? What is your strategy for negotiating the best price with Chinese factories? What about the strategy beginners use to “order many, many, many containers”, even if intention is to order a minimal quantity? How do you get a minimum order quantity (MOQ), but still get a good price? How do you ensure a factory is reliable and trustworthy? How do you stop people who are so excited to make the deal to be more careful? What are some tactics or strategies you can use to ensure you get a good quality product? What is your legal recourse if goods are not up to your standard and supplier is not cooperative? Do you have any final words of wisdom from an experienced importer and sourcing agent for absolute beginners looking to import?
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Foundations Online Course\Video 1

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Foundations Online Course\Video 3
Total Price Annual Monthly Week Daily Hourly Minute Second
House $200,000,000 $140,000 $10,000 $2,500 $360 $15 $0.25 $0.004
Yacht $200,000 $19,000 $1,600 $400 $60 $2.50 $0.04 $0.0006
Car $150,000 $30,000 $2,500 $428 $100 $4.16 $0.06 $0.001
Food $35,000 /yr $35,000 $8,750 $1,250 $175 $7.29 $0.12 $0.002
Holidays $30,000 /yr $30,000 $3,000 $750 $110 $4.58 $0.07 $0.001
Maid $50,000 /yr $50,000 $4,000 $1,000 $142 $5.91 $0.09 $0.001
School $20,000 /yr $20,000 $1,666 $416 $60 $2.50 $0.04 $0.0006
Total: - $324,000 $25,000 $6,000 $900 $42 $0.67 $0.01
Save 10%: -
Brenden went to China on his father's advice.
  • Beijing to study Chinese Contract law.
  • Guangzhou
  • Hong Kong
  • Donguang City
  • Nanjing
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Syuoio
  • Xian
  • Yiwu + More
  • Visited factories, suppliers, trade events, trade shows, establishments, etc.

Foundations Online Course\Video 4
Hours Spent Communting
1 Work Day 1 Week
(5 Days)
1 Month
(4 Weeks)
1 Year
(48 Weeks)
2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

That is days a year spent just going to work!
days for 2 years,
days for 3 years,
days for 4 years,
days for 5 years.

Foundations Online Course\Video 5
Sales Revenue November 21-27th, 2005
Sales between $60,000 - $90,000 a week.
That's $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 a year!

Foundations Online Course\Video 6

Foundations Online Course\Video 7

Foundations Online Course\Video 8

Foundations Online Course\Video 9 How Factories Rip You Off Behavior to Watch For:

Foundations Online Course\Video 10
Importance of Sample Testing:

"Hi Brenden,
I have been watching your videos with great appreciation. They have helped me heaps already. I have never imported anything.

A small group here in Townsville have got together and formed a company and my part is importing stainless steel water bottles from China.
I have found a particular bottle I believe fits us perfectly.

My concern is that I received three samples, and all three leaked when lying on their side.
The plain stainless steel one was the least, but still a leak. I contacted the company in China and he assured me that they were old stock and he guarantees the new ones do not leak.

I found another company with the same bottles, my concern here is they assured me they do not leak and would send samples. But, they are a bit more difficult to communicate with. I know I need to go over there, however I do not know enough.

I would like to know more about your coaching program. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend your seminar next week. Any assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated."

Foundations Online Course\Video 11

Foundations Online Course\Video 12

Foundations Online Course\Video 13
Item Landed Cost
Item Cost Freight Cost Clearing Warehouse Fee Total
GSM-07 $98.64 $8.37 $2.68 $9.57 $119.26
GSM05 Samurai $120.56 $9.16 $2.90 $9.57 $142.19
GSM05 Diablo $120.56 $9.16 $2.90 $9.57 $142.19
GSD01 $147.96 $11.18 $5.07 $9.57 $173.78
GSM-XXX $164.40 $8.27 $4.24 $9.57 $186.48
ATV02 $178.10 $17.82 $4.24 $10.83 $210.99
ATV01 $253.45 $21.59 $5.07 $11.93 $292.04
GSM07 6 Pack $591.84 $50.22 $16.08 $41.91 $700.05
GSM05 6 Bikes $723.36 $54.96 $17.40 $41.91 $837.63

Australia Webinar


Here is the formula for working out the cost for importing a product into the US.
This formula is just an example; please keep in mind that the duty will vary, depending on the product.
Your freight forwarder or the Customs Broker should tell you what duty and sales tax is for your particular item.

Let’s say that you are importing goods to the value of US $1,000.
The exchange rate for the Chinese RMB against the US dollar is 0.150.
Next divide US $1,000 / 0.150 = 6666.66 RMB.
Duty is at 10% you take 10% of 6666.66 RMB = 666.66 RMB

To work out the sales tax value you have to add the duty and uplift it by 20%:
6666.66 + 666.66 = 7333.32
20% of 7333.32 = 1466.664 RMB
7333.32 + 1466.66 = 8799.98 RMB
Sales Tax: 21% of 8799.98 = 1847.99 RMB

Total Amount: 6666.66 RMB + 666.66 RMB (duty) + 1847.99 RMB (sales tax) = 9181.32 RMB.


Value of Goods: $
Chinese RMB against USD:
Sales Tax Lift:
Sales Tax:
Duty Percent:
Cost of Duty:
Sales Tax Lift:
Sales Tax:

Total Fees ($):
Total Fees (¥):

Final Total ($):
Final Total (¥):
Becoming a Customs Broker
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

What is a Customs Broker?

How do I become a Customs broker?

  1. First, you must pass the Customs Broker License Examination.
  2. Second, you must submit a broker license application with appropriate fees.
  3. Third, your application must be approved by CBP.

The Customs Broker License Examination