I am an American Businessman with a background in Web Design and Project Management located in Sacramento, California.
I have had the pleasure of working with local government, small businesses, 5-star restaurants, and community volunteer foundations.

Due to the 2017 Tubbs Fire, I had experienced a massive loss of data and hardware. Currently working to recover and rebuild.

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Government & Volunteer

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Philip Swensen
Staff Sergeant
U.S Air Force

Investor/Trader, Entrepreneur, and Author of "Mental Violation"

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Jason Ford
Electronic Warfare Specialist
U.S Air Force

"[Nolen] You should be working at some high-end tech firm making at least $100k a year!"

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Jesse Busma
Quality Assurance - ProductOps

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David Fiattarone
Account Operator/Junior Staff Accountant


Cody Beggs
Cryptocurrency Pioneer





HTML Hello World Demo 1K The Distance Mapping
2D Colored Triangle Color Video Filter Advanced Camera Movement with Three.js
3D Colored Triangle Smoke Screen Shadow Mapping
Rotating Cube Video in a Glass Sphere Shadow Mapping with PCF
Mouse Events Optical Flow Variance Shadow Mapping
Textures Apply Gamma Correction Deferred Shading
Import from Blender Three.js Camera Movement Optical Lens Simulation
Phong Shading Model Rebuild the GLSL Sandbox Three.js 3D Surface Viewer
Video as a Texture Shallow Water Animation Three.js Webcam Face Filter
Canvas as a Texture Wireframe and Point Render
Render as a Texture Duplicate Objects
The Blending The Octree
FPS Counter Three.js Picking

Virtual Training Company

Information Products

2017 North Bay Area Fire Survivor